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Deep seismic imaging and velocity estimation in Ionian SeaGold Open Access

Authors: E. Kokinou, A. Vafidis, M. Loucogiannakis and I. Louis
Issue: Vol 6, No 2, May 2003 pp. 100 - 116
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 2.45Mb )

The seismic data from a deep seismic profiling (DSP) survey in Ionian Sea which crosses the western border of the Hellenic arc have been reprocessed and interpreted. The processing flow includes multiple elimination techniques such as wave equation multiple rejection and adaptive deconvolution. Special processing helped in delineating complex structures in the Pre-Apulian and Ionian zones. Surface consistent deconvolution, Kirchhoff migration and attributes proved useful in imaging deeper horizons, in the area near the Zakynthos and Kefallinia islands where Mounta fault constructional structure and Kefallinia diapir are present. In this area the seismic section indicates that the Plio-Quaternary sediments are distorted by diapiric movements of high velocity Triassic evaporates, namely the Kefallinia Diapir. Also the eastern boundary of Ionian zone is observed under the Mounta anticline. The velocity model along the seismic line ION-7, which crosses the Ionian basin is also presented. The Moho discontinuity is estimated in the western part of the seismic section, while Moho reflections are absent in the eastern part.

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